Links & Resources

This page has two sections. The first, Links, has a list of useful links to sites, pages, or documents that provide easy access to useful information.

The second, Resources, allows you to access detailed information that has been a focus at OGCC meetings or discussions.


Oak Lodge Sanitary District - meeting minutes, agendas, the budget, copies of their newsletter, contact information, the video on the current treatment plant project, and much more can be found here.

Oak Lodge Water District - FAQ, contact information, meeting schedules, newsletters, finances, rules and reglulations and anything else that you might want to know about your water system.

Clackamas Fire District #1 - Clackamas Fire District #1 has 17 fire stations strategically located throughout Clackamas County with a workforce of more than 200 employees & volunteers and is the second largest fire protection district in Oregon, serving over 166,000 citizens and 197 square miles. The website provides an events calendar, contact information, board meeting times, agendas, and minutes, fire safety information, and and much more.

Clackamas County Sheriff's Office - contact information, news releases, most wanted lists, Clackamas County Jail, Briefing Room newsletter, Neighborhood Watch newsletter, Public Safety Events Calendar, "Can You ID Me?" page, public service videos, and more. A very thorough website.

North Clackamas Parks and Recreation District - news about North Clackamas County parks, contact information, District Advisory Board meeting schedule, information about current projects, facilities rentals, volunteer opportunities, sports league information, the North Clackamas Aquatic Park, Resource Library and more.

North Clackamas Schools - access to information about all the schools in the North Clackamas school district, including high schools, middle schools, elementary schools, magnet schools, and charter schools. Contact information, upcoming event calendars, school district departments, and much more.

North Clackamas Parks/Trolly Trail

Metro's Trolley Trail Plan

Oregon City School District

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT)

TriMet / Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project

Water Environment Services (WES)

Clackamas River Basin Council

Johnson Creek Watershed Council

Audubon Society of Portland

Jennings Lodge (Wikipedia)

North Clackamas Chamber of Commerce

Clackamas County Urban Green

Clackamas County Administration

Clackamas County Website - main entrance to Clackamas County's presence on the web.

Clackamas County Board of County Commissioners - visit this link to learn about the county commissioners, their meetings, weekly schedule, and so forth.

Community Planning Organizations - The purpose of Community Planning Organizations is to involve citizens in land use planning in unincorporated Clackamas County. From this link, you can find a list of all the county CPOs, including some meeting dates and locations, and including phone numbers and email addresses for their respective chairpersons.

Clackamas County Code - the whole code; the ordinances of Clackamas County.

Clackamas County Zoning and Development Ordinances (ZDOs) - within the Clackamas County Code, Title 12 defines the ordinances related to zoning and development. This link takes you to the ZDOs. Sections 1000 and 1100 deal specifically with development regulations. For example, 1001.01 PURPOSE, paragraph B states: "Insure that natural features of the landscape, such as land forms, natural drainageways, trees and wooded areas, are preserved as much as possible and protected during construction." (This is a good sentiment, but it apparently does not have the necessary legal specificity to actually limit tree destruction.)

Clackamas County Comprehensive Plan - "The basic aim of the Comprehensive Plan is to organize and coordinate the complex interrelationships among people, land, resources, and facilities in such a way as to protect the future health, safety, quality of life and welfare of Clackamas County residents."

Clackamas County Business and Economic Development - "Clackamas County has remained vital despite the past downturn in the economy and continues to grow both its business districts and its communities. Businesses are flourishing here. Industry leaders can be found in Metals, Machinery, Healthcare, High-tech, Forestry, Food & Beverage Processing, Renewable Energy, Nursery/Ag, and Software Development."

Clackamas County Development Agency - "In 1977 the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners created the Clackamas County Development Agency (CCDA) as the urban renewal authority for Clackamas County."

Clackamas County Department of Transportation and Development - "Programs and services to maintain, improve and enhance the safety of the County road system (Transportation Engineering and Transportation Maintenance), assist residents and businesses in their plans to grow and change (Planning & Zoning, Building Codes, County Surveyor, Development Agency), and support safe, enjoyable and livable communities (Code Enforcement, Dog Services, Resource Conservation & Solid Waste)"

Clackamas County Housing Authority - "HACC is a public corporation, established under the federal Housing Act of 1937 and the provisions of Chapter 456 of the Oregon Revised Statutes. Although it is a separate entity, the Housing Authority falls under the administrative structure of Clackamas County government. Five members of the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners and one resident commissioner serve as the Housing Authority's Board. The Board meets every third Thursday of the month."

Nearby Cities

City of Milwaukie

City of Gladstone

City of Oregon City

State and Regional

Metro - Learn about the Metro Council's results-oriented goals and mission and the agency's unique history as the only directly elected regional government in the country. Read the Metro Charter and the Metro Code.

Statewide Planning Goals - Since 1973, Oregon has maintained a strong statewide program for land use planning. The foundation of that program is a set of 19 Statewide Planning Goals. The goals express the state's policies on land use and on related topics, such as citizen involvement, housing, and natural resources.


McLoughlin Area Plan (MAP-IT) - "MAP-IT is a 15-person, community-driven task force established in 2012 to help implement the projects and programs outlined by the MAP 1 and MAP 2 committees. (Statement of Purpose) Membership is made up of representatives from area Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) and businesses."

Oak Grove Neighborhood Center Plan - the OLCC, in conjunction with Clackamas County Urban Green, partnered with six masters degree candidates in PSU's Urban and Regional Planning Program to investigate opportunities for improvements in Oak Grove. The results have been widely viewed as a detailed creative look at possible innovations for our area.

Corridors and Centers - documents from the September 25, 2010 OLCC presentation, "Corridors and Centers", by Dave Leland, President, Leland Consulting Group.

Natural Step - The Natural Step Framework builds on a basic understanding of what makes life possible, how our biosphere functions and how we are part of the earth’s natural systems. It builds on a platform of basic science and is designed to allow true interdisciplinary, cross sector cooperation for concrete and measurable change towards sustainability. Clackamas County has embraced the Natural Step Framework. See Clackamas County Sustainability Resolution and Clackamas County Sustainability Action Plan.