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This is an index to the documents pertinent to land use actions brought before the OGCC.

Click on the File No. link to view the documents. Each entry includes such things as County documents, pictures, communications, and other relevant information. Newer additions to this list access Clackamas County's Document retrieval system. Be sure to set your browser to allow "pop ups".

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  Time extension   33-unit development, Concord Vineyards II subdivision
11/22/2010 House expansion in Willammette Greenway Kendall H. Taylor 17501 SE Waltavista Dr.; construction management plan
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  Conditional use permit   Conditional use for addition to Oak Hills Presbyterian Church
Z0575-10 11/1/2010 Temporary permit Peter Nielsen Temporary dwelling for care permit
Z0242-10 4/27/2010 Time extension Schweitzer Time extension for lot partition
Z0065-10 2/8/2010 Permit for Home Occupation Wood Application for renewal of 3-year permit
Z0005-10 2/3/2010 Land Use Application Coates Setback variance
Z0705-09 1/4/2010 Wireless Antennas Sprint Oatfield Estates retirement complex
Z0669-09 11/4/2009 Land Use Application Fred Meyer Gas station on McLoughlin
Z0685-09 11/10/2009 Time Extension Richard Dixon Time extension for Z0598-07
Z0622-09 10/07/2009 Partition Application JDA Acquisitions Related to Z0849-06
Z0604-09-C 9/24/2009 Modify Conditional Use Cascade Heights Charter School
Z0583-09 9/29/2009 Land Use Application Dubintsov Time extension of Z1024-05
Z0466-09 7/24/2009 Partition Application LaPorte/Herring  
Z0443-09 8/12/2009 Land Use Application Chris Merek Related to Z0467-08; CPO Appeal
Z0341-09 6/17/2009 Land Use Application Hoffman/Inman CPO approved 6/24/2009
Z0302-09 5/26/2009 Design Review Casey Cutting CPO approved 6/10/2009
Z0301-09-SL 5/14/2009 Subdivision Application Casey Cutting CPO approved 5/27/2009
Z0249-09 4/27/2009 Approval of Extension Jerry Jennings CPO approved 5/27/2009
Z0148-09 6/15/2009 Design Review/Decision
Rose Villa Master Plan
Rose Villa  
Z0124-09 3/18/2009 Home Occupation Permit David Mealey CPO approved 3/31/2009. He later withdrew this application in favor of a zoning change
Z0093-09 3/24/2009 Application for Variance Sam Pap CPO and County denied variance
Z0700-08-R 7/9/09 Greenway Conditional Use Decision - Dock Peter Hill  
Z0627-08-R 10/24/08 Land Use Decision
Oversized dock
James Lee CPO appealed 12/09/2008
Permit granted 2/19/2009
Z0467-08 8/26/2008 Land Use Application/Decision
Flexible lot size partition
Chris Marek CPO approval noted in county decision
Z0336-07 7/5/2007 OLCC Letter to HO Metro Homes OLCC rejects setback variance on Jazmin Lane
Z0357-06 7/3/2006 Land Use Appeal Ruth Toler Requesting lot size variance
Z0845-05-D 10/24/2005 Design Review/Decision DGN/Cutting Related to Z0301-09 and
Z0302-09 - Cutting
Z0404-05 7/25/2007 Land Use Appeal Thomas Cutler Appeal and LUBA determination

Supplementary Documents Index

This is an index to documents that are broadly relevant to land use policies and decisions.

Title, Description
9/10/2010 Letter to ODOT about Sidewalks OLCC Letter sent to Oregon Department of Transportation encouraging them to complete the sidewalks near the proposed Park Avenue Light Rail Station.
3/2/2010 ZDO-219 - draft changes to ZDOs and Comprehensive Plan to protect trees.
Clackamas County Planning Department

These are drafts of ZDO changes that implement the tree conservation ordinance, submitted to the Planning Commission for review. They are not final.

1/28/2010 ZDO-223 Changes Clackamas County ZDO changes for Urban/Rural reserves, 2010
1/13/2010 Harmony Road Clearcut OLCC OLCC inquiry into clearcut at 6115 SE Harmony Rd.
1/12/2010 Harmony Road Ministorage Milwaukie Planning Two lots; Minthorn Creek and substantial tree stands are affected by this activity.
1/4/2010 ZDO Proposed Amendments - ZDO 822 & 806 Planning Division ZDO changes affecting home occupations
6/2009 Z0161-09 - Request for Interpretation of time limits for multi-phase project. Rolling Hills Church Subject property is in Stafford or Tualatin, but Hearings Officer interpretation will be applicable county-wide.
7/25/2008 Place Name Signage Pat Kennedy Request that the OLCC express support for placing appropriate Oak Grove and Jennings Lodge signage along McLoughlin Blvd.
1/25/2008 Support for Broetje Redwoods Pat Kennedy, Dick Jones OLCC expressed unanimous support to Pat Kennedy's request.
11/19/2007 Fire Equipment Access Scott Weninger Deputy Fire Marshall's letter to Board of Commissioners re: Fire apparatus cannot negotiate too narrow streets.
6/2007 Fuller Station Area Plan David Evans and Associates, Inc., Urbsworks, Inc., Urban Design, DKSKS Associates, Clackamas County The Fuller Road Station Area Plan proposes changes to support Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in areas surrounding the light rail station.