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This is a map showing the North Clackamas County CPOs. Oak Grove is the yellow area at the center of the map.



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This is a map showing the boundaries of the CPO.

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Use this Google map to explore the area. Use the Google controls to zoom in so you can read street names, or click the Satellite button to get a photographic view of the area.


Metro Maps



Metro provides a great map system for finding all sorts of local resources and information. This is an excellent way to learn about the area.

Click the Metro logo at the left to go to MetroMap.

When MetroMap displays, click "Accept" to enter, and then type an address to focus the maps to the area you want to investigate.


Habitat Tools

View and print maps of any location in the region and see:

  • habitat protection concept recommended by the Metro Council

  • inventory of regionally significant habitat

  • water, flood, slope, vegetation and forest data used by Metro to determine habitat designation and protection levels

MetroMap Habitat Tools