Oak Grove Maps

About Oak Grove

Oak Grove occupies an area bounded (roughly speaking) on the north by the city of Milwaukie, on the south by SE Jennings Avenue, on the west by the Willamette River, and on the east to well beyond the Oatfield Ridge. (Click above to access maps.)

Wikipedia has a nice description of Oak Grove, including a brief hisory and vital statistics. Click HERE to view it.]

For information about the history and culture of Oak Grove, visit the Oak Lodge History Detectives site.

The Oak Grove Community Council (OGCC)

(Also known as the Oak Grove CPO)

Purpose of the OGCC

The purpose of Community Planning Organizations (CPOs) is to involve citizens in land use planning in unincorporated Clackamas County. The CPO Program is the method Clackamas County uses to meet one of the Statewide Planning Goals, Goal 1, which is Citizen Involvemen. In short, the CPO is a place where you and your neighbors can have a voice in how your community develops.

The following are the purposes of the OGCC as stated in our by-laws:

A.    To bring together persons who share a common concern for the Oak Grove Community’s interest and environment.

B.    To inform Citizens in the Oak Grove Community of all proposed developments and/or changes in land use which will affect the area, and to provide an opportunity for Citizen input.

C.    To make recommendations to the County regarding land use, including zoning, conditional use permits, residential and/or industrial development.

D.    To organize the Citizens in the area to establish their own priorities for land use.

E.    To provide the Oak Grove Community with a vehicle for establishing an organized two-way communication channel with public agencies and governmental organizations.

F.    To aid the Oak Grove Community in preserving and enhancing the existing and/or proposed neighborhoods.

G.    To advise County, Regional, State and Federal agencies about the Oak Grove Community’s concerns and problems and suggest solutions for same.

H.    To provide opportunities for Service Districts to update and receive feedback from the Oak Grove Community on services offered.

Here are some useful links to help you find out more about how the OGCC operates.

OGCC By-Laws - The by-laws define the OGCC organization, its goals and purposes, its rules, and how it operates.

OGCC Communication Agreements - the agreements that members made to improve communication during the monthly OGCC meetings.

CPO Handbook - This is a Clackamas County document that describes how the public meeting laws apply to CPOs.

State Meeting Laws - This is a link to the Oregon Department of Justice page that describes public meeting laws. The OGCC is bound by these rules.