DRAFT February Meeting Minutes PDF

DRAFT – OGCC General Meeting Minutes – DRAFT MODERATOR: Baldwin van der Bijl DATE: Feb. 22, 2017

RECORDER: Joan Hamilton LOCATION: Rose Villa Performing Arts Center


Annette Adams, Mary Bailey, Gary Barth, Gary Blair, Bob Bohannon, Renae Campbell, Ron Campbell, Kathleen Chapman, Trisha Claxton, Mel Coffey, Sue Conachan, Joseph Edge, Gene Fifield, Lynn Fisher, Tom Foeller, Dave Gray, Thelma Haggenmiller, Joan Hamilton, Eleanore Hunter, Chips Janger, Geoffrey Janke, Ron Kriens, Bobbie Paredes, Paul Savas, Fred Sawyer, Michael Schmeer, Susan Shawn, Charlie Stephens, Fred Swingle, Mina Swingle, Don Valentine, Baldwin van der Bijl, Greg Wenneson, Chaunda Wild, Bob Zimmer


Alan Adams, Tom Andrews, Terry Beresford, Wallace Brown, Part Callender, John Christianson, Lou Christian- son, Tricia Clemans, Jan Lindstrom, Karen Olberding, Dave Dobak, Jan Dobak, Joyce Hamilla, Gary Johnson, Judy Sherley, Michael Sherley, Al Schmidhamer, Leslie Shirk, Sharon Sullivan

VISITORS & GUESTS: Ken Humberston, Al Schmidhamer

Welcome & Officer Reports:

Chair Welcome – Baldwin van der Bijl welcomed all.
Treasure Report – Chaunda Wild presented the monthly financial report andpassed the box for member contributions.

Secretary Report – Joan Hamilton asked if there were any corrections to the prior month’s meetings. None voiced – so approved.

Voting members marked their ballots which were collected and tallied by Eleanore and Tom. The 7 members were elected for the next two years.

Chair – Baldwin van der Bijl

Vice Chair – Geoffrey Janke
Treasure – Chaunda Wild
Secretary – Joan Hamilton
3 Directors at Large – Michael Schmeer, Joseph Edge & Jim Meyer

Main Topic: OGCC Elections

Eleanore Hunter and Tom Foeller announced the 7 nominees running for OGCC board positions; requests for additional nominees made. None were offered.

Main Topic: Clackamas County Commissioner, Ken Humberston

Commissioner Humberston briefly related his problem-solving experience, most recently as member, then President of the Clackamas River Water Board which had a history of conflict and disfunction. Ken talked of how he and the other board members had helped to solve these problems with strategies of listening to both sides, identifying points of agreement and, as elected officials, making deci- sions.

Prepared questions given to Commissioner Humberston were answered first. Then he solicited further audience questions.

1. Oak Lodge Library: Since the county is in litigation with Gladstone, we understand that you cannot say much if anything. We do want to say that many of us think the NCSD and NCPRD proposed property swap is great. Some people are concerned that the county/NCPRD will sell off the Concord School building once property swap has been completed. What are your thoughts about this?

Answer: Humberston stated public property should remain public and suggested the exact location of the library is not his to make but he is committed to keeping it in the heart of Oak Lodge.

2. Oak Lodge Incorporation: What do you think are the necessary criteria for an area to be a “viable” city?

a. Could you address the issue of why it would be beneficial for Oak Lodge to be an incorporated city, based on your experience in local government?

b. Members of the BCC have uttered encouraging words about the Oak Lodge unincorporated area becoming a city. What if any, are the obligations of the commissioners to help this area achieve

Answer: It is a good idea for this region to become a city and noted it would be the largest city in Clackamas County. He recommended discovering if this area has the financial viability, if it has the tax base to sup- port becoming a city.

He gave 2 examples, had we been a city, might have ended differently: a) the Jennings Lodge Evangelical property b) Another large swath of trees just west of McLoughlin recently cut down to allow for property development. As a city, we could have prevented these events.

3. Park Avenue Station: zoning overlay to encourage good development. This has been ignored for many years. Are you supportive of putting this on the Planning Division’s 2017-18 Work Program?

Answer: Some aspects of zoning overlay are being reviewed by the county. He suggested we contact Mike McCallister to find out what is being reviewed.

4. Audience question – Is Concord School the best place for a library? How about the former Good Will property?

Answer: Humberston reiterated he was committed to having a library in the heart of the Oak Lodge community.

5. Audience question – Who in the county is studying the Incorporation is- sues for our area at the County? Would the County be willing to put time and effort into further study?

Answer: Humberston did not have that information but suggested Terry Gibson might.

6. Audience question – Why does the County have a 1 size fits all answer to question / problems in Clackamas County which has a densely populated ur- ban area and a sparsely populated rural area?

Answer: Providing urban level services is not what the county does. Commissioner Paul Savas – was in the audience and Ken asked if Paul had anything further to add.

1. Audience question – Can you compare/contrast 1 size fits all for Multnomah County vs Clackamas County? How does Multnomah handle this?

Answer: Savas said the BCC addresses the county based on county zoning designations. If we were a city, we would have Neighborhood Associations rather than CPO’s. Neighborhood Associations have more control on neighborhood, building, tree cutting regulations.

2. McLoughlin Area urban revitalization: This, also, has been ignored for many years. Are you supportive of putting this on the Planning Division’s 2017- 18 Work Program? Savas said he would advocate for 1 additional person to be on Planning, (possibly to address the Planning Division’s 2017 – 18 Work Pro- gram?)

3. Audience member said one unique and troubling fact about Oak Lodge is that the Park Ave Light Rail Station does not have zoning overlay plans for community improvement and development. This has been consistently denied over several years. There was general frustration that County Planning Department has not responded to the community / volunteer Planning committee who has recommended this zoning overlay plan for the community. Zoning changes at the station as well as all along the McLoughlin Blvd. would bring in increase in revenue to the area as well as improvements in livability.

3. Clarification of two issues: ODOT – TGM and MAPII Plan – One member of the audience tried to clarify the often confusing relationship between two plan- ning processes that were being done concurrently in 2011 in the Oak Grove area – 1) the TGM for the Park Ave/light rail station area and 2) Phase II of the McLoughlin Area Plan (MAP). The TGM, or Transit Growth Management study, looked only at the 1/4 mile surrounding the intersection of Park Ave and McLoughlin Blvd and is a standard “stakeholder type” study required whenever there is a large transit investment. Phase II of the McLoughlin Area Plan established ‘Projects and Programs’ for all of McLoughlin Blvd between the city limits of Milwaukie and Gladstone, and was the furthering of the entire community’s ‘Vi- sion, Values and Guiding Principles’ determined in Phase I of MAP. Not being familiar with the many differences in the plans, (e.g. area of study, method of study, consultant, purpose, participants, etc.) many in the community conflated the two plans. The TGM was rejected unanimously by the participants/stake- holder representatives while many projects of Phase II of MAP have been accomplished, and the rest are being activity pursued.

NOTE: Public invited to attend BCC meetings every Thursday. Time: 10 am on the 1st, 2nd and 4th Thursdays and 6 pm on the 3rd Thursday.

Main Topic: Where Should Sidewalks Be Installed? – Fred Sawyer

Fred Sawyer provided a detailed paper map handout of the McLoughlin Blvd area with indications of intended and proposed sidewalk construction. He re- quested input from citizen proposals for the proposed sidewalk construction.

Mike Schmeer reported on the following 6 Land Use applications. Note the attachment, click here, to see the slides:

ZO593-16-SL – Wallace Rd @ Thiessen – this is the old H.Thiessen Farm – application to partition property into 13 lots but possibly leave the old farm house. Status: Approved with conditions.

Main Topic: LUART Mike Schmeer & Joseph Edge

ZO621-16 Arista @ Oak Grove Blvd – Zoned commercial – application is for dog grooming / dog day care facility. OGCC: Last month OGCC voted our approval, County approved but Mike reported the sale fell through.

ZOOO9-17 14928 SE Oatfield Rd.- Demolition of the Historic Landmark Phil Oatfield House. OGCC recommended denial. Status: Hearing March 9th at 9:00 am NOTE: Denial based primarily on incomplete application.

ZOO14-17 5215 SE Roethe Rd. – This is a 2 yr extension of a previous application but instead of a 2 parcel partition applicant is now requesting a 1 lot partition in addition to current home. OGCC approved subject to the previous conditions being carried forward.

ZOO50-17 14501 SE Laurie Ave. – Request to break lot into 2 parcels – NOTE; this applicant is the same person who is applying for the SE Oatfield Rd Historic house demolition. This is currently under review by LUART.

ZO644-16 16500 McLoughlin Blvd – Variance of 1500 ft library buffer for Marijuana Dispensary. OGCC notes this does not meet criteria for distance from the Library and recommends denial.

Turning Point Church Development – Joseph Edge – reported the Milwaukie Department repeatedly says they will provide more information “next week” but apparently they are still analyzing this possible request for 92 units on 11 acres of the church’s 15 acre property, all of which is within the boundaries of Milwaukie and immediately adjacent to our OGCC area. Transportation and flooding issues are concerns and will be carefully watched. Joseph said they will be reviewing this development “like it is one of our own”.

Joseph said the Lake Road Neighborhood Association is interested in this issue as well.

Main Topic: CERT (Community Emerg. Response Team) – Greg Wenneson

Greg Wenneson noted that Oak Lodge CERT is a FEMA charted and Fire District #1 sponsored organization.

Greg reminded membership of the not “if” but “when” need for preparedness. He re- minded us that the “big enough” one M8 has a 30% chance in the next 50 years.

PAY ATTENTION! Even if not an earthquake, Other disaster preparedness needs to be addressed like Structure Fires and Storm preparedness.

Prepare before an event and reduce risk.
See OLCERT 2017 plan www.facebook.com/OakLodgeCERT Mass Fatality Meeting – March 14 – Rose Villa 6:30 PM

Ongoing Business: Concord Partnership – Ron Campbell

Ron Campbell provided a quick update about the transfer of the Concord Elementary School property from the NC School District to the NC Clackamas Parks and Rec. He asked people to attend the following meetings to express enthusiasm for the transfer.

Feb. 27 DAB (District Advisory Board to NCPRD) 6:15 PM to 7:15 PM Location:

Aquatic Park Meeting Room
Mar. 2 NCPRD 10:00 am, Clackamas County BCC Business Meeting – 2051 Kaen

Road, Oregon City, OR

Mar. 9 NCPRD 10:00 am, Clackamas County BCC Business Meeting – 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City. OR

Mar. 9 NCSD Board Meeting 7:00 pm 12400 SE Freeman Way, Milwaukie, OR Next Meetings:

Future OGCC General meetings:

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Future OGCC board meetings (Oak Grove Fire Station, 9 AM): Mar1 Apr5 May3 June7 July5 Aug2 Sept6 Oct4 Nov1 Dec13

Corrections and Additions:

If you have corrections or additions to these minutes, please send to Joan Hamilton email: jhamilton@oakgrovecpo.org cell 503 360-4711