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DRAFT OGCC General Meeting Minutes  DRAFT

Moderator: Baldwin van der Bijl    Date: Jan. 25, 2017                                                                

Recorder:  Joan Hamilton      Location:  Rose Villa  Performing Arts Center

voting OGCC Members present:  28

Mary Bailey, Gary Blair, Bob Bohannon, Carol Bosworth, Renae Campbell, Ron Campbell, Sue Conachan, Joseph Edge, Gene Fifield,   Tom Foeller,  Joan Hamilton, Tom Hogan,  Pat Kennedy, Jim Meyer, Bobbie Paredes, Carol Powers,  Edrid Riddle, Fred Sawyer,  Michael Schmeer, Al Scott, Susan Shawn,  Charlie Stephens, Baldwin van der Bijl, Marilyn Wall, Greg Wenneson,  Deborah Wheeler, Chaunda Wild, Bob Zimmer


Wallace Brown,  Sharron Bryan,  Patt Callender,  Dave Dobak,  Sue Gary,  Sue Kellam,  Ron Kriens,  Margaret Pritchart, Judy Sherley,  Michael Sherley,  Dick Smith,  Fred Swingle,  Mina Swingle,  Bruce Wixson

Visitors and Guests: 1

Lisa Bentley

Welcome & Officer Reports:

Chair Welcome – Baldwin van der Bijl welcomed all.

Treasure Report – Chaunda Wild presented the monthly report and passed the box for member contributions.

Secretary Report – Joan Hamilton asked if there were any corrections to the prior month’s meetings.  None voiced – so approved.

Main Topics:

OGCC Feb. Elections  Tom Foeller

OGCC Feb. Elections: Tom Foeller – presented current people running for board positions, elections scheduled for next month’s meeting, Feb. 22, 2017 and asked if anyone else would like to run.  Currently running:

Chair – Baldwin van der Bijl

Vice Chair – Geoffrey Janke

Treasure – Chaunda Wild

Secretary – Joan Hamilton

3 Directors at Large – Michael Schmeer, Joseph Edge & Jim Meyer

Main Topics:

Concord School Partnership                  

Ron Campbell

Concord School Partnership:  Ron Campbell presented the re-designed 3 different concepts.  The alterations to the design were  based on community input.

In summary, the 3 concepts are, 1) Community Center: with Library  on 1st floor & Community center & rec. use on upper floor.  2) Intergenerational Learning Center:  Library on 1st floor, Early Childhood Learning & senior / community used on upper floor 3) Art Center: Artist lease & program spaces on 1st floor, Art classes & programs, gallery & community use on upper floor.

The slides presented can be viewed by clicking here.

ACTION: Ron requested of the assembled that all attend one or more of the North Clackamas School District meetings and N C Parks & Recreation District meetings to show support.

Feb. 9 NCSD BOARD BUSINESS MEETING  7:00 pm                           NC#12 School District Headquarters – District Board Room  12400 SE Freeman Way

Feb. 23  NCSD Board Meeting 7:00 pm – 12400 SE Freeman Way, Milwaukie, OR

Mar. 2  NCPRD 10:00 am, Clackamas County BCC Business Meeting – 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City, OR

Mar. 9 NCPRD 10:00 am, Clackamas County BCC Business Meeting – 2051 Kaen Road, Oregon City. OR

Mar. 9  NCSD Board Meeting 7:00 pm   12400 SE Freeman Way, Milwaukie, OR

NOTE: Ron has asked all 6 partners of the Concord School Partnership to write a letter to the school board to support the proposal to sell Concord School to NCPR.  Baldwin made a motion to do so, Fred Sawyer 2nd.  Unanimous approval from voting members.

Continuing Business:


Mike Schmeer, Joseph Edge

LUART – Mike reported on the following applications.  Note the attachment, click here, has additional detail:

ZO544-16  – 4483 SE Roethe Road – convert storage unit to apt. – approved

ZO593-16-SL – Wallace Rd @ Thiessen – this is the old H. Thiessen Farm – application to partition property into 13 lots but possible leave the old farm house.  OGCC:  Conditional  Status: Denied do to Sewer Dist. over-lap.

ZO621-16  Arista @ Oak Grove Blvd – Zoned commercial – application is for dog grooming / dog day care facility.  OGCC:  Meets criteria          Joseph E. moved OGCC write a letter of approval with caveats that certain conditions be met.  It was suggested the letter (cc) copy the Oak Lodge Sewer and Water.   Fred Sawyer 2nd motion.  1 abstention, 1 no, 26 yes.  Motion passed.

Continuing Business:


Mike Schmeer, Joseph Edge

LUART – Proposed Standardized LUART Review Process:

Mike Schmeer presented Joseph’s proposed standard format and recommended process changes to simplify and streamline the LUART process.

Features of the new format:

  • Itemize the applications in a summary table with columns for “Comments” and “Meets Criteria”. 
  • Separate analysis of each ZDO, L
  • LUART submits options to OGCC Board for vote
  • JUART sends response to County as a letter
  • OGCC response is archived.

Joseph recommended people attend the below meeting to help support various projects to be added to the 2017-2018 Planning Division work Program. 

Date & Time:  Feb 6, 2017 – 6:00 pm

Location: Development Services Building Auditorium

150 Beavercreek Road, Oregon City

Continuing Business

Baldwin van der Bijl

Turning Point Church – Baldwin & Joseph Edge proved update on this church property within the boundaries of the City of Milwaukie.  There is an application for the church to remain but the adjacent land to be turned into a 99 lot subdivision.  The City of Milwaukie is reviewing this application.

Street Lighting on McLoughlin Blvd – Fred Sawyer provided a succinct update on the new lighting on McLoughlin which includes some wooden poles and some aluminum grey poles.   Next month, he will report on the updates of the Sidewalk progress.

Meeting Updates, Announcements, Public Comment

  1. Open Mike Night – Feb. 11, 6:30 Rose Villa –  Edrid Riddel announced that Open Mike night at Rose Villa.  Attendance is free and Beer and wine are available for purchase.
  2. Neighborhood Livability Team  – meeting at the Fire House       

Date and Time:  March 1, 6:30 pm at the Fire House

Next Meetings

Future OGCC General meetings:

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Future OGCC board meetings (Oak Grove Fire Station, 9 AM):

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Corrections / additions

If you have corrections or additions to these minutes, please send  to Joan Hamilton   email: jhamilton@oakgrovecpo.org, ell 503 360-4711

KEY: LUART = Land Use Application Review Team; OGCC = Oak Grove Community Council; PD = Planning Department; F/U = follow up; Re = regarding; MAP = McLoughlin Area Project; LU = land use; .McL = McLoughlin Blvd; CCty = Clackamas County; OG = Oak Grove; ped = pedestrian; EIS = environmental impact statement; RFP = request for proposals; NCPRD = North Clackamas Parks and Recreation Department; NCSD = North Clackamas School District; NCUWC North Clackamas Urban Watershed Council