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The William Wild Memorial Fund

The William Wild Memorial Fund We are sad to report that William Wild passed away Saturday, February 8, 2014 after a courageous battle with cancer. Those who have attended OGCC meetings for some time need no reminder of his many contributions to our community. Those who knew him better know that his contributions extend back [...]

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OGCC Elections Results

OGCC Elections Results OGCC members nominated candidates for all Board positions at the January 2015 regular OGCC business meeting and elections were held during the February 2015 meeting. The newly elected Board was installed at the February2015 meeting. Here are the results of the vote: Chair – Baldwin van der Bijl Vice-Chair – Eleanore Hunter [...]

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Clackamas County Citizen Involvement

Clackamas County Citizen Involvement Do you want to participate more in local community governing? Visit HERE to view some Clackamas County citizen involvement resources. In particular, go HERE to see the County's Community Plannning Organization Handbook. Find out what CPOs like the Oak Grove Community Council are all about.

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OGCC By-laws Review

OGCC By-laws Review The OGCC by-laws require that they be reviewed at least every 5 years. We are approaching that date. The OGCC board has reviewed the by-laws and recommend making some deletions and additions. Click Here to see the by-laws. The additions are shown in red underline. Deletions are shown in blue strikethrough. Please [...]

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