Zoning Discussed at Special Joint Meeting of CPOs

The Oak Grove Community Council, Clackamas CPO, and the Jennings Lodge CPO met together on January 21, 2015 to discuss zoning issues with the Clackamas County Planning and Zoning Department.

Jennifer Hughes of the Planning Department presented information on the 3rd year of the County’s “Zoning Audit”. Her presentation is available HERE. Ms. Hughes provided handouts describing the five-year auditing process (available HERE) and the specific activities in this, the third year of the 5-year audit (available HERE).

The audience then discussed

  • station area planning and zoning for the Park Avenue light rail station, including ideas of a special zoning overlay for that area, as well as other areas.
  • limiting zoning changes (in particular, “up zoning”) in the residential areas, particularly in Jennings Lodge
  • zoning issues in general

Pat Russell, of the Clackamas CPO, submitted a number of zoning issues for discussion in a paper available HERE. Though the group wished to discuss Pat’s issues, we ran out of time. A second meeting may be set up to address Pat’s submittal and an array of other zoning issues.