Review of Park Avenue Station Area Planning

At the May 27, 2015 OGCC Meeting Nathan Burton presented and overview of the current Park Avenue Station area planning.

Nate first discussed “The Essentials”:
a) Community wants McLoughlin revitalized ASAP
b) Community needs county planning staff resources URGENTLY to start zoning update process
c) Meeting’s task – Provide county with community consensus
d) Next steps – Assemble business & land owner support.

Nate explained the possible Foundational ZDO (Zoning and Development Ordinances) changes and then asked all meeting participants to rank their choices.  These were then tabulated. For the complete listing of the choices and their rankings, click here.

Additional material from the presentation are:
OGCC Park Ave Station Planning May 27 2015 and OGCC Park Ave DIAGRAMS May 27 2015.pdf.

Nate finished by asking the members if this exercise was useful. He received an enthusiastic “YES”. The results of this MAP-IT recommendation and this public input will be presented to McLoughlin Blvd. business owners, then to the Board of County Commissioners.

For more details of the meeting flow, read the OGCC meeting minutes of May 27, 2015.


Click HERE to read a letter from MAP-IT to the Board of County Commissioners. The letter strongly supports the Park Ave Station Planning.